What Kind of Flim Flam Mess was This??!!

Ah, love. Sweet, sweet naive amore. The next time I let my man pick a movie I need to be flogged with some cowhide and a couple of rusty nails. We had been planning to go to the movies all week. Well, when the weekend finally reared its head, I had a serious cinematic cravin' for a movin' picture masterpiece along with some serious popcorn chompin' and soda slurpin'. Keep in mind that Mon-Thurs. we had been discussing all the various possibilities of what we would be feastin' our eyes on in that dark theatre.


Based on the fact that I knew that he was a horror/thriller fan, I had a sneakin' suspicion that he was gonna wanna tangle with either Saw VI or Paranormal Activity. I think I could have handled a psychotic- mind twisted fiend(Saw VI) a lot easier than some type of supernatural entity that basically felt like he was payin' the rent and all the utilities so that he could have free reign to terrorize and torture (Paranormal Activity).



Of course he was in the mood for some dastardly demon dwellin' so we ended up makin' our pilgrimage to see Paranormal Activity. Now I have to say that I really wasn't up to seein' this freaky flick. It really didn't matter how many rave reviews it received. You see, I am an individual who believes that Satan and his minions are indeed very real. The idea of an evil presence lurkin' and loomin' in someone's humble abode just didn't sit well with me. Yet, I'm a soldier. I felt like if my better half wanted to check it out, then I would just swallow very hard for about the first 15 minutes before the movie started and I would be cool.


All I can say is...my suga' shack ended up bein' more scared than me!!! Life sho' is grand, isn't it?This was poetic justice in its highest form. Even though there were some scenes in the movie that made my heart do a pole vault into my throat, it really wasn't what I would consider to be scary. As a matter of fact, I really thought that it was seriously overrated. Hmmph. What was with all the hype?


Ok..now the fact that this demonic presence's shadow could be seen on their bedroom door(as seen above) was really kind of a creep-a-zoid moment.


  1. I Seen That Movie...I Agree I Wouldn't Say It Was Scary..Just More Thought Provoking. The First Night You Go To Sleep After Seeing It You Do However Pay Attention To Every Single Sound In Your Room B4 Going To Sleep (I Know I Did)...lol

  1. D.V. said...:

    most def S jones i know i was thinkin about it that first nite lol...not for long tho. I liked the movie..it was different and a bit scary..nothin too OD tho

  1. Traci Lavette said...:

    Well, I saw it yesterday and I was scared as hell! Seeing that shadow on the door - 2wice was not the business! Then when she got yanked out the bed by her feet...oh and wait - the part where the covers were pulled from the bottom of the bed upward! Yeah, I'm so cool and I am like you. I'm a total believer. So, I slept on my couch last night and didn't bother to set the timer on the TV.

    On another note...I see we have a man now *smiling*. Is that something new???

  1. @S
    Yes..lol.I did pay attention to every lil creakin' sound..it definitely got my attention...

  1. @D.V.
    U thought it was scary?

  1. @Traci
    Hey gurl!!!! Yes, the man thang is definitely new..lol..still gettin' used to it...

  1. K. Michel said...:

    Hmmm... I want to see it now. Sounds like the PERFECT date movie.

    You know, that "Love Calls" song on your jukebox is fly. I think I'll borrow it, Miss Orgasmic.

    --Thank you.

  1. clnmike said...:

    Im curious about it now myself.

  1. JSADTheKing said...:

    I downloaded the original version which had a much better ending than the theater version. Fired up the 60 inch plasma with the audio theater system. Gathered my girl and the kids around the TV and enjoyed the kids freaking out as much as I enjoyed the movie.

  1. I am so not into the paranormal stuff. Like you I firmly believe the devil is always at work.

  1. @Mike
    U should check it out...

  1. @J
    Ok, so waht was the alternative ending that u saw? C'mon man..give it up!!! Lol...

  1. @Tee
    Yes, he is gurl..walkin' around seekin whom he may devour...

  1. Neesh B Fly said...:

    Paranormal Activity Made me Jump A Few times..Shit scared me a little but i'm a scary movie type of girl i would watch any scary movie real or not..btw nice blog i'm following you check out my blog and if you like it follow me to

  1. the.kisser said...:

    i was just talking to someone about seeing it too, however her getting pulled out the bed like that...ummm...hell no!


  1. @Neesh
    Thanks 4 the compliment gurl and I'll be ckn out ur blog spot 2!!

  1. @kisser
    Yes..that was def..creepy!!! Lol...

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