Big Boys Beware!!

Today my conscience is havin' an intervention with my REAL wants and desires. For so long, I have tried to put on a good face and pretend that a man's..ummm...exterior doesn't really faze me. I would tell my sistagurls: "Oh, it doesn't really matter if the size of his thighs could feed the continent of Africa for a month," I would claim. "As long as a gentleman is nice and has some other redeemin' qualities, it's alright."Wellllll...I LIED. This may make me sound like a diva that I'm not tryin' to be, but...


Stop givin' me that crooked sideeye!! I'm not sayin' that a "supersize" meal can't be tasty. I just guess it depends on exactly how hungry you are. My appetite just isn't quite that large. Some people (especially dudes) have accused me of bein' short sighted and stuck up. Why? It's simply a personal preference. It's not meant to offend.


I can remember when I tipped the scales at over 200 lbs. Even though I was labeled as a "nice person," I would often be depressed and dateless. Most men that I came in contact with just werent lookin' for a woman that had more "cushion for the pushin." It wasn't happenin.' The male species often is very straight up about what they like and DON'T like. What's wrong with me doin' the same thing? Even though a man may have more to love and is able to perform awe-inspirin' acrobats such as this:


I think I'll have to set my sights elsewhere. Don't get it twisted though. He doesn't have to be packin' like this:


I just have zero interest in hookin' up with a guy who looks like he has a swimmin' pool inside his belly.



  1. Reggie said...:

    I'm 6'1 and I weigh about 180. I have no problem telling anyone that if I can't pick the sista up off the ground, I don't want her.

    I'm good.

    I've never been into the skinnies, but I'm a brother that knows his limitations.

  1. Ha Ha!!I hear ya bra!! 'Preciate your honesty!!

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