It Just Ain't Fair!!

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Question. Will us femme fatales ever be seen as equal to our male counterparts when it comes to this slippery slope that we call "relationships?" Based on my own exploits and experiences, my answer would be a loud and resounding HECK NAWL!!!
Now, don't trip. This ain't no male bashin'-waitin-to-exhale-all-men-are-dogs kinda post (I'll get to that another day).
Nawl, what I'm writing about today is so up close and personal that you can smell what kind of breath mint I've been using. Yeah..LIKE THAT. Prepare yourself.

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My hubby is very complimentary. I love that about him. Tellin' me how he likes the hip, dip and slip of my luxurious landscape. The fact that I'm a ride or die type of wife and mom. These words sound like they would tickle the eardrum of any red blooded woman, am I right? There's just one problem. He's not what one would call an equal opportunity type guy. Allow me to break it down. He feels like because he is a man, there are certain things that he is able to do but I am not.

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What exactly am I talkin' about? Interactions on the Book. Facebook, that is. See, my life partner starts sweatin' and screw facin' whenever he sees some of the pics that I add to my page. He claims that he doesn't want other dudes lookin' at what belongs to him and only him. Now mind you, the only men that I have on my friends list are my relatives and his. Maybe a couple of old family friends sprinkled in here and there. Nothing major. Said that it doesn't matter. He says that men will look regardless of the relationship.

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Ok. I hear what he's saying. I'm not a man so, true enough I don't know how their minds work. BUT, if that's the case then why does he get to troll through different profiles of women with names like "Mirandameltonmelikecandlewax?" Ya know the kinds of raunchy and ratchet pics where the woman's toes have committed suicide on the front of her scuffed high heel sandals and she has the nerve to have one leg cocked up on a rusty bathroom sink? Mmhmmm...exactly. Now do you see why our disagreements get so hood that they need to be uploaded to Worldstar?

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Personally, I don't think it's right. Why does he feel like its ok to set the standard for me but then he has a whole 'nother set of rules for himself? He can look at women, but doesn't want men lookin' at me. Correct me if I'm wrong, but fair exchange ain't no robbery!!


  1. Don said...:

    Yeah, I don't understand that one either. That would be similar to my woman doing the same and having a problem when I do it. I'd feel like she was thinking I rode the short yellow bus to school or something.

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