Someone PLEASE Call 911!


Why Wyclef....WHY??!! How could he throw Lauryn under the Greyhound bus like that?  Somebody get this man a bottle of Immodium AD cuz clearly he has a bad case of diarrhea of the mouth! I'm sayin'. The Fugees went their own separate ways back in 1997. Here it is 2012. If he felt like Lauryn treated him like a 2 dollar giglolo workin' a hot dog stand, why didn't he sound off about it then? WHY NOW??!


This situation truly got my sista' gurl wheels-a-turnin'.  What is Wyclef "Why Ya -Wanna-Do-Me-Wrong" up to? It all of a sudden hit me like a pimp slap from Ike Turner. Could he possibly be regurgatatin' all this old news to try to get some public interest in his new tell all book? These are some straight-with-no-chaser sissified shannigans!! How he gone put L Boogie on blast (and not to mention his WIFE at the time) by talkin' about this so called tantalizin' and torrid affair in which he thought he had gained a love child ? Wellllll...looks like Rohan was rockin' and knockin' dem boots too!!


Wyclef was dead-in-the-water wrong for this one. Could he not have kept his big piranha pothole shut? Are book sales really all that serious that you got to air out your dirty drawers for the whole world to see? I guess it is true what the rap group Divine Sounds said:
" It might sound sad...
It might sound funny...


  1. Freckles said...:

    fuckery at its best. I cannot really appreciate him being so ugh. why must he feel so inclined to spill his guts and why is his wife still with him especially after all of this embarrassment.

  1. Reggie said...:

    ....with his crying ass!!!

  1. @Freckles Hey gurl! Long time! Thanks for stoppin' by!! I have a theory. I think he spilled the beans cuz he's tryin' to drum up publicity for his new book. Cuz I mean, seriously...he's really not that interesting to read about otherwise! (shoulder shrug)

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